CSI: ISIS -- Terror Group Launches Forensics Division

Fingerprint card

Islamic State's information office in Iraq released a slick pictorial report on Saturday showcasing an advanced new tool acquired by the so-called caliphate: Fingerprinting.

The Muslim extremist group announced it had acquired microscopes and magnifying glasses and was in the process of recruiting forensics-minded foreign fighters, according to the MEMRI Jihadism and Terror Threat Monitor website. Call it CSI: ISIS, where the rock 'n' roll intro song from The Who is traded for the rocky desolation of caliphate-controlled territory.

The report was posted to a jihadi forum and appears to be a new step in the terror group's efforts to show its caliphate is "real" and not a fantasy.

ISIS appears to have gained access to the equipment by taking over areas in Syria and Iraq where the gear already existed. The terror group touted the launch of the "Islamic police forensics department" with a picture essay showing equipment and ISIS detectives solving a mock crime: the burglary of a pharmacy. The images depict a set of gloved hands dusting for fingerprints and using a magnifying glass and ultraviolet light to identify prints. In another photo, an ISIS lab tech uses a microscope to analyze the fingerprints and also compares sets of prints. Finally, a camouflaged, bearded fighter is pictured handing a reimbursement check to the owner of the pharmacy after ISIS has solved the "crime."

--Fox News' Catherine Herridge contributed to this report.

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