New Access Procedure to Take Effect at Cherry Point

Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point (Photo: Cpl. Tyler J. Bolken)
Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point (Photo: Cpl. Tyler J. Bolken)

CHERRY POINT — Cherry Point will institute a new access procedure on Monday for those needing to do business aboard the Marine Corps air station.

When the new RAPIDGate Access Control Program begins, all vendors, suppliers, contractors and service providers who have not registered will not be able to access the base without temporary passes from the Pass and ID office at the main gate.

Base officials announced the change in access procedures last year, giving ample opportunity to obtain the new credentials.

Holders of RAPIDGate passes will be able to access the base without temporary passes that, up until Monday, had been issued for 30 days, with four-day incremental additions thereafter.

According to a release from Mike Barton, director of public affairs at the base, those not registering for RAPIDGate passes can expect long wait times at the Pass and ID office and frequent visits to that office to obtain temporary passes.

Personnel with government-issued Common Access Cards will not be affected by the new system.

On Monday, green contractor badges will be confiscated regardless of their expiration date. Contractor badges expiring this weekend will not be renewed. Blue access badges will not be confiscated, except those issued to cab drivers and food delivery service providers, who now will be required to use the new RAPIDGate credentials. Yellow internal access badges cannot be used to gain access to the base through perimeter access gates.

To enroll in RAPIDGate, persons should stop by the Pass and ID office where a RAPIDGate kiosk is located. Fingerprints and photographs of the applicant will be required to obtain a RAPIDGate pass. Passes may take up to 28 days prior to issuance because of the required background check.

According to Barton, the institution of the new RAPIDGate system is not as a result of any specific threat, but is meant to improve security at all Marine Corps facilities. For more information, email RAPIDGate at or call 877-727-4342, or go online to

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