Veterans Group Identifies Man Seen Shoving Protester at Trump Rally

Senior Citizen Veteran Fights Protester at Louisville Trump Rally (Screengrab: YouTube)
Senior Citizen Veteran Fights Protester at Louisville Trump Rally (Screengrab: YouTube)

The Korean War Veterans Association has identified the member who was seen shoving and shouting at a young black woman who was protesting a Donald Trump rally in Louisville, Kentucky.

In a statement released Monday morning, KWVA President Larry Kinard said the man, identified as Alvin Bamberger of Cincinnati, Ohio, "was not officially representing the Korean War Veterans Association at the event and the association does not, in any way, condone his actions."

The organization "places a great deal of emphasis on the conduct and decorum of the KWVA members at public meetings," he said in the statement.

"Once the association has learned all of the facts regarding this incident, and there are many yet to be revealed, it will then be in a position to better move forward and determine the applicable actions to be accomplished," Kinard said. was unable to contact Bamberger. He reportedly told Eagle Country 99.3 by phone on Monday that he will be releasing a letter sharing his perspective on the events seen in the video.

In a video that has gone viral, Bamberger gets into the woman's face and shouts, "Get out of here! We don't want you here!" He then follows the woman, identified as University of Louisville student Shiya Nwanguma, and pushes her several times.

Nwanguma did not respond to an attempt to reach her.

"I was called a n----- and a c--- and got kicked out," she said of her experience, according to a video posted on Facebook. "The people at the rally, they were pushing and shoving and cursing at me and yelling at me, calling me every name in the book. They're disgusting and dangerous."

A young Marine recruit, Joseph Pryor, was discharged from the Marine Corps' delayed entry program after the racially charged exchange was caught on camera.

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