Libya Officials: French Special Forces on Ground Fighting ISIS

French special forces drive through the city of Gao, Northern Mali, Wednesday Jan. 30, 2013.

CAIRO -- Two Libyan military officials say French special forces are in the eastern city of Benghazi helping Libyan troops battle Islamic State militants.

The officials told The Associated Press Wednesday that a French combat squad, consisting of 15 special forces, had carried out four military operations across Benghazi against IS militants and other militias.

They said that the French forces, along with American and British teams, are setting up an operations room in Banina air base in Benghazi. France is expected to join an international coalition against IS in Libya.

The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak to the press.

The French defense ministry declined to comment, citing a policy not to comment on special forces' activities.

The U.S. carried out airstrikes against the extremist group's position in the western city of Sabratha last week, killing dozens.

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