Changes Begin on Coast Guard Academy’s Front Gate Security

U.S. Coast Guard Academy campus (Photo: U.S. Coast Guard Public Affairs)
U.S. Coast Guard Academy campus (Photo: U.S. Coast Guard Public Affairs)

NEW LONDON, Conn. — The Coast Guard Academy has begun a process of increasing security measures on base. These changes are the first of several measures expected to be implemented in the coming months. Some changes will be visual, while some may not be visible.

On Feb. 25, the Academy will install new equipment to adjust traffic flow into the main gate. Large security planters will be placed at the second entrance to the main gate, preventing vehicular traffic from entering the main gate through that entrance. All traffic must take the first turn to enter the main gate in a single lane from Mohegan Avenue. Signs will indicate where vehicles should stop as they approach the main gate to facilitate proper vehicular vetting and 100 percent identification check.

Additionally, retractable spike strips will be installed in the exit lanes from the Academy onto Mohegan Avenue. All vehicles departing base will need to proceed over the strips at five mph to prevent tire damage. All commercial traffic will be directed to the Deshon Street entrance at all hours.

The change will not affect base access for home athletic competitions, Coast Guard Band concerts, other major on-base events, or emergency vehicles. A valid need and proper identification are always required for base access.

"We are informed by national and world events and are constantly assessing our security posture," said Academy superintendent, Rear Adm. James Rendon. "These security measures are designed to safeguard our community and deter adversaries from doing harm on board the Academy."

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