Air Force Cadet Gets 3 Years in Prison for Dealing Drugs


AIR FORCE ACADEMY, Colo. -- An Air Force Academy cadet has acknowledged dealing prescription and illegal drugs to fellow students and was sentenced to three years in a military prison.

Three cadets granted immunity in the case testified at a hearing in August that Nathaniel Penalosa sold them the hallucinogen LSD and Modafinil, which helped them stay awake and study. Penalosa, a former airman who earned the Air Force Achievement Medal, also sold a methamphetamine derivative called "molly." He pleaded guilty Tuesday to nine drug counts.

The Gazette reports he had a sterling reputation at the school until a random inspection of his dorm room last fall uncovered drug residue and possible drug paraphernalia, leading to a sweeping investigation. He bought the drugs online using the anonymous online currency bitcoin and had them delivered to the academy.

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