Fort Bragg's 525th Military Intelligence Brigade Still Evolving


A year after the 525th Military Intelligence Brigade took on a new name and broader mission, the Fort Bragg unit continues to evolve.

Last week, the brigade's two military intelligence battalions followed suit with their own transformations during a ceremony at Lightning Field.

The 519th and 319th Military Intelligence Battalions officially became expeditionary military intelligence battalions, officials said.

As part of the transformation, the C Company for each battalion was deactivated.

The changes took place almost exactly a year after the 525th was redesignated from a battlefield surveillance brigade to the Army's first expeditionary military intelligence brigade.

That change also included the deactivation of the brigade's 1st Squadron, 38th Cavalry Regiment and the brigade's special troop battalion.

The expeditionary mission means the 525th, and its subordinate battalions, must be ready to deploy anywhere in the world to support commanders' intelligence requirements.

It is capable of deploying as part of the Global Response Force, or in support of any number of operations across the globe.

Last year, leaders said the changes were part of the Army's adapting to a shrinking force and new, uncertain threats.

The brigade, which once had roughly 1,500 soldiers, is now home to fewer than 1,000.

Other units across the Army are following the 525th's footsteps, but no other brigade is believed to have made the change, officials said.

Eventually, the Army will have three expeditionary military intelligence brigades.

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