Activists Say US-Led Coalition Airstrike Kills 7 in Syria


BEIRUT  — An airstrike by the U.S.-led coalition in the northern Syrian province of Aleppo has killed seven family members, including a couple and their five children, activists and the Islamic State group said Monday.

The airstrike on the Islamic State-held village of Dali Hassan, south of the Kurdish town of Kobani, was reported by the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which said that an entire civilian family was killed.

Abu al-Hassan Marea, an activist who is currently in Turkey near the Syrian border, also said he was told by other activists in the area that seven members of the same civilian family were killed.

The Islamic State-affiliated Aamaq news agency reported that a man, his wife and five children were killed Sunday by two coalition airstrikes that targeted their home in the village.

There was no immediate comment from U.S. officials. A statement by the U.S.-led Combined Joint Task Force issued Sunday said the coalition carried out five airstrikes near Kobani that struck four Islamic State tactical units, destroying two militant vehicles and two mortar systems.

The coalition has been targeting the Islamic State group in Syria since September, though military officials say they've limited their targets to avoid civilian casualties. In late May, U.S. authorities acknowledged likely killing two children in a November airstrike, the first of four ongoing U.S. military investigations into allegations of civilian casualties over airstrikes targeting the Islamic State group and other extremists in Iraq and Syria.

Human rights groups have estimated that far more civilians have been killed in U.S. and coalition airstrikes since operations began than what U.S. officials have said.

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