Restaurant Pays WWII Vet to Eat Breakfast on His 101st Birthday


Some restaurants will sing to you on your birthday but one restaurant in Manchester, N.H. will offers a birthday discount percentage to any patron based on his or her age. So if you’re turning seven, expect seven percent off your total bill.

So it got pretty interesting when a 101 year old customer walked into Belmont Restaurant for a celebratory meal. 

Joseph Nelson, a World War II veteran who was turning 101, realized the restaurant’s quirky rule meant that he was actually owed money since he had surpassed the magic triple digits. The lucky diner never thought he would live so long but offered a simple reason as to why.

"I put all my faith in God and I think that all of my life, every decision I've made in my 100 years, I think God made it for me," Nelson  told WMUR.

So what did Nelson eat to celebrate his milestone?

A simple meal of scrambled eggs, ham and a slice of chocolate cake.

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