Wife of 'American Sniper' Chris Kyle to Testify

Eddie Ray Routh, a Marine vet charged in the murder of former Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle and another man.

STEPHENVILLE, Texas — Prosecutors say the widow of Chris Kyle, the former Navy SEAL depicted in the Oscar-nominated movie "American Sniper," will be among the first witnesses to testify during the trial of his alleged killer in Texas.

Opening statements are expected Wednesday in the trial of Eddie Ray Routh. The former Marine is accused of fatally shooting Kyle and Kyle's friend, Chad Littlefield, as the pair tried to help Routh at a shooting range.

Erath County District Attorney Alan Nash said Tuesday that the prosecution's first two witnesses will be Taya Kyle and Littlefield's mother, Judy.

The judge ruled that both women can stay in court to watch proceedings after testifying. The judge also said he would allow prosecutors to take photos of Routh's tattoos.

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