Marine Barricaded in Okinawa's Camp Lester Housing Surrenders

An ambulance arrives on the scene at just after 1 p.m. Thursday as a standoff on Okinawa's Camp Lester housing area came to a peaceful end. MATTHEW M. BURKE/STARS AND STRIPES

CAMP FOSTER, Okinawa — A Marine barricaded himself at his home in Okinawa’s Camp Lester housing area Thursday, setting off a standoff with military police that ended peacefully, Marine Corps officials said.

Residents said they were evacuated early Thursday from the isolated cluster of military housing on a hill in the rear of the Marines base and had been told the man had an M-16 rifle.

The scene was secured by emergency personnel and MPs so there was no danger to nearby homes, neighboring residents or the Camp Lester middle school, which observed normal class hours, Marine officials said.

About a dozen more MPs arrived later as spectators gathered across the street, which was closed off to non-residents. Toward the end of the standoff, law enforcement officials approached the house on the back of a truck, carrying rifles and wearing body armor and helmets.

A Marine Corps statement said the situation was safely de-escalated by 1 p.m. and the Marine was walked outside.

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