Coast Guard Rescues Two Sailors Off Kauai


HONOLULU -- Two sailors are safe and receiving medical care after a late night injury off Kauai prompted a call for help to the Coast Guard Tuesday.

At 8:06 p.m., watchstanders at Sector Honolulu Command Center received a distress call on VHF Channel 16 from an individual aboard a 50-foot sailing vessel eight miles southwest of Port Allen, Kauai.

The master of the sailing vessel Morning Star was struck in the head by the boom and was unable to operate the vessel. The passenger aboard was suffering from seasickness, unfamiliar with operating the vessel and unable to safely navigate to shore.

A 45-foot Response Boat-Medium crew launched from Station Kauai to locate and provide assistance. The crew arrived on scene at 10:30 p.m., assessed the condition of the crewmembers and safely took the vessel in tow.

Both crewmembers were safely transported to awaiting EMS upon arrival in Port Allen.

"Preparation played a key role in the resolution of this case," said command duty officer Lt. j.g. Chris Sena. "The vessel had all of the proper safety equipment aboard and, as a result, they were able to request help via Channel 16 which led to our ability to get to them quickly before the situation escalated."

Maritime accidents can occur quickly and without warning to even the most experienced mariners. For this reason all mariners should ensure they have appropriate, functioning safety equipment aboard and know how to use it. 

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