Coast Guard Rescues North Mississippi Flood Victims

Flood response crewmembers push forward flat bottom boat in a flood in preparation for a rescue response Sept. 11, 2014. (U.S. Coast Guard photo)

NEW ORLEANS -- The Coast Guard responded to a flood in northern Mississippi rescuing several people and pets, Thursday.

The response department of Coast Guard Sector Lower Mississippi River contacted local area counties offering assistance in responding to flooding in north Mississippi. Desoto County Emergency Management Agency requested Coast Guard assistance.

The sector responded by deploying flood response teams to the Emergency Operations Center in Nesbit. The teams were directed to the Plum Point Villages in Southaven, and worked alongside Desoto County Search and Rescue and Southaven Fire Department to evacuate trapped residents.

While on-scene, additional assistance was requested at the Savannah Creek Apartments due to rising flood waters and a larger amount of civilians trapped. The flood response team split into two teams.

The first team continued rescue efforts at Plum Point Villages, while the second headed to Savannah Creek apartments where the water reached a depth of four to five feet. A total of 30 northern Mississippi residents and 10 pets were rescued from both locations by the Sector Lower Mississippi River flood response teams.

As the flood waters receded, the flood team headed back to the emergency operations center for a final brief before returning to the sector in Memphis, Tennessee.

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