Lake Michigan Search for Missing Boaters Suspended

A woman is rescued from the South Side stretch of Lake Michigan after a boat she was in capsized Saturday night miles from Chicago's shoreline. The woman was later pronounced dead at a local hospital. (AP photo)

CHICAGO — The Chicago Fire Department says the search for people who were on a boat that capsized on Lake Michigan has been suspended for the night.

The fire department posted the update on its Twitter feed Sunday evening.

The Coast Guard says there were apparently four or six people onboard the 30-foot boat when it capsized Saturday night several miles from shore.

Authorities say a man pulled from the 60-degree water Sunday morning is hospitalized in critical condition. Coast Guard spokesman Petty Officer Levi Read said the man was in a "hypothermic state" and had given conflicting information.

A woman was found alive several hours later, but she died.

The boat was traveling between New Buffalo, Michigan, and the Chicago area.

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