Marine Embraces Committed, Engaged Leadership


MARINE CORPS AIR-GROUND COMBAT CENTER TWENTYNINE PALMS, Calif. – Marine Corps Sgt. Ryan-Michael Daffin, an avionic technician with Marine Light Attack Helicopter Squadron 267, teaches Marines the techniques and core values of the Martial Arts Program here, along with leadership principles.

Maj. Gen. Steven Busby, commanding general of 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing, devised the Committed and Engaged Leadership initiative for Marines to be committed to the Corps and engaged with one another.

Busby explained that a committed and engaged leader takes charge and passes knowledge to others by mentoring Marines and ensuring the welfare of others around them. They embrace the responsibility to “pay it forward” and make a difference in the lives of others and are dedicated to the Marine Corps by exemplifying the “whole-Marine concept.”

Daffin embodies these traits and characteristics through education and example as he works to help the Marines around him progress in their careers, applying committed and engaged leadership principles during his martial arts sessions, along with professional military education classes and instruction ranging from combat readiness to financial responsibility.

Daffin mentors not only the Marines in his unit, but also more than 300 Marines throughout the entire squadron.

His hard work and dedication does not go unnoticed by his leadership.

“Sergenat Daffin is a point of reference for the institutional core values honor, courage and commitment,” said Marine Corps Maj. Ryan Schiller, executive officer with Marine Light Attack Helicopter Squadron 267. “He provides a model example of personal and professional excellence both on duty and while on leave.”

Daffin, a former drill instructor, said he has adopted the values of a committed and engaged leader.

“Investing in the Marine for the future of the Marine Corps is what being committed and engaged means to me,” he said. “I speak on topics that pertain to Marines, regardless of rank.”

In a letter to sergeants and corporals titled “The Reawakening,” Marine Corps Commandant Gen. James F. Amos describes noncommissioned officers as the backbone of the Marine Corps and encourages Marines to take ownership of the Corps and its leadership principles and traits.

“The reawakening is taking us back to what we were founded upon: the brilliance of the basics,” Daffin said.

Daffin said his mentorship style integrates concepts such as self-respect, accountability, control and what it means to be a Marine 24/7.

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