Intelligence Specialists Help Capture Suspect

Riding public transportation is often an interesting experience, with all types of encounters with people and things.

Most people do not expect to be instrumental in the capture of a felony suspect during their travels. However, that was the case for Petty Officer 2nd Class Joshua Moss and Kenneth Warner on the evening of Sept. 27, 2013.

On this evening, they observed a potentially dangerous situation and notified the San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit police. When police arrived, Moss and Warner gave a description of the suspect and sent the police to the general vicinity of the suspect. 

Despite the information, the suspect eluded the police and fled the scene, putting other citizens in harm’s way. Moss and Warner courageously responded and professionally immobilized the suspect and, at the request of the BART police, assisted in his detainment.

While in custody, the suspect was found to have a loaded handgun and narcotics, as well as an outstanding felony warrant.

It was for these actions that BART’s Chief of Police, Kenton W. Rainey, publicly recognized Moss and Warner during a January Citizen Review Board meeting. Rainey publicly thanked both Moss and Warner for their assistance and presented them with a framed certificate of recognition. He stated that their willingness to help out the BART officers and protect the general public brought great credit to the Coast Guard.

While the encounter made for an interesting commute, Moss and Warner are used to responding to emergent situations. Both Moss and Warner are intelligence specialists stationed at Coast Guard Island in Alameda, Calif. Intelligence specialists perform a wide range of duties associated with the collection, analysis, processing and dissemination of intelligence in support of Coast Guard operational missions.

Humbled by the recognition, Moss and Warner continue their work to provide decision advantage to operational units and their commanders throughout the Pacific Area. 

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