Carrier Switches to Electronic Leave Process


At Sea -- The aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71) is transitioning from the paper leave chits to an all-electronic process called e-Leave, becoming the first east coast carrier to do so.

The transition process involves training for the crew. E-Leave will be the only method for submitting leave chits from now on, allowing Sailors to electronically submit leave chits through the chain of command for approval. There are important steps Sailors need to take to get started. 

"The most important part of this is that USS Theodore Roosevelt is changing from a paper format to an e-Leave format, which is a lot easier to track routing for Sailors," said Personnel Specialist 3rd Class Richard Maltby.

E-Leave requests are submitted through the electronic service record (ESR). Sailors must create an ESR account before they can submit an e-Leave request. The Navy originally announced plans to phase-out the traditional paper chit leave in NAVADMIN 103/10, replacing it with the e-Leave system.

TR Sailors will need to use "NSIPS AFLOAT" to submit leave chits electronically. 

"NSIPS AFLOAT self-service ESR accounts will become a very important part of your life on Theodore Roosevelt," said Maltby. "It is important that you create an ESR account or you will not be able to take leave."

TR's Admin Department stands ready to assist Sailors who may have any questions about e-Leave.

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