Two Airmen Sentenced for Stealing Mail


KAISERSLAUTERN, Germany -- Two airmen assigned to U.S. Air Force postal centers in the Kaiserslautern area were convicted of stealing earlier this month, one for swiping an iPhone, the other for destroying mail.

Senior Airman Nikeem A. Coleman, of the 86th Communications Squadron, pleaded guilty to opening a fellow airman’s mail and stealing an iPhone contained inside, said Ramstein Air Base spokesman Juan Melendez in an email.

Coleman, who worked at the Northside Post Office on Ramstein, was sentenced Jan. 9 by a panel of officers to hard labor without confinement for three months; he was reduced in rank to airman and received a reprimand. Coleman’s punishment included two months’ restriction, which means his daily movements will be limited as determined by his unit, Melendez said.

The other case involved a senior airman with the 86th Communications Squadron who worked at the military post office on Kapaun Air Station.

During a special court-martial at Ramstein on Jan. 13, Eddy Escobar Loaiza pleaded guilty to stealing and destroying a civilian’s letters.

A panel of officers reduced Escobar Loaiza to the rank of airman, ordered him to forfeit $300 a month for six months and sentenced him to hard labor without confinement for three months, according to Melendez.

The cases were unrelated, Melendez said.

Both were reported by co-workers, and leadership immediately removed them from their assigned duties, Melendez said.

Escobar Loaiza told fellow airmen that he had destroyed mail, according to Melendez. In the Coleman case, the victim thought she saw him with her stolen property and reported it, he said.

Both airmen have been permanently removed from the postal career field, Melendez said. After the airmen complete their courts-martial punishments, "evaluations will be made concerning discharge," Melendez said.

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