Navy Mentoring Program Announces Topics for 2014


WASHINGTON -- The Navy announced the 2014 monthly topics for chapters of the Coalition of Sailors Against Destructive Decisions (CSADD) to emphasize in their awareness and peer mentorship efforts, Dec. 31 in NAVADMIN 335/13. 

These key focal training topics are designed to provoke thought, inspire young leaders to discuss these issues, and create awareness through a variety of social networks and activities at the most junior level. 

"Our CSADD chapters bring the awareness piece," said Fleet Master Chief for Manpower, Personnel, Training and Education (MPT&E) April Beldo. "They're in their commands having conversations about these topics and aren't afraid to have these conversations with not just their peers, but everyone in the command." 

This year's key focus areas for each month are the following:

January - Fleet and Family Support Centers and Planning a Family

February - Responsible Use of Alcohol

March - Navy Nutrition

April - Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness 

May - Physical Fitness

June - Motorcycle Safety

July - Off-Duty Recreation

August - CSADD Volunteer Outreach

September - Suicide Awareness ACT (Ask, Care, Treat)

October - Domestic Violence Prevent and Awareness and Drug Abuse Prevention and Awareness 

November - Sailor Resiliency, Physical Health and Deployment Readiness

December - Safe Driving Planning

CSAAD is a peer mentoring program aimed at promoting good decision-making and leadership development at junior levels of the Navy. Local chapters encourage positive behavior by bringing together Sailors through both social networking and in-person networking. 

"I've seen some amazing things from CSADD in 2013," said Beldo. "I think this year we will see our chapters moving forward with getting MWR and our liberty centers more involved as part of the CDADD team." 

There are currently more than 300 CSADD chapters registered. 

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