Russian Delegation to Meet With Gitmo Prisoner

A Russian delegation is scheduled to meet with a Russian man who has been held at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, for more than a decade, an official said.

The delegation is set to meet Ravil Mingazov, a former Russian solider, Jan. 17, Russia's human rights commissioner Konstantin Dolgov said.

Russian officials have been trying to meet with Mingazov for years, but conditions for the visit to the U.S. military detention facility had not been agreed upon by the United States, RIA Novosti reported Friday.

"We will use this visit and put the question bluntly so that this special facility will be closed as soon as possible," Dolgov said.

Mingazov was first incarcerated in October 2002, but has never been charged with a crime. The prison, which was established in 2002, has long come under fire for holding prisoners without charging them with crimes, RIA Novosti said.

Mingazov was accused of being a member of the al-Qaida-affiliated Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan. He allegedly received explosives training in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Tajikistan.

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