Petty Officer Advancement Quotas Released


WASHINGTON -- More than 21,000 active duty and 500 Full Time Support (FTS) Sailors are expected to advance to E4, E5, and E6 with the release of the Fall Petty Officer Advancement Results early next week.   "Our goal is to man the Fleet with Sailors who have the right skills and experiences in order to help maximize readiness," said Fleet Master Chief of Manpower, Personnel, Training, and Education April Beldo.

As expected, advancements to E4, E5, and E6 remains above the 10-year average. Enlisted advancements are based on vacancies in the fleet, and correlate with efforts to balance the force.

"After every exam we ask leadership, our Chief's mess and our First Class to sit down with those petty officers who didn't advance," said Beldo. "Through career development boards we look at their test scores, evals, performance and help them develop a plan to keep moving forward. We want to make sure these Sailors understand there is still an opportunity to stay Navy and advance."

This cycle, overall opportunity decreased slightly, from 28.94 percent to 27.71 percent, a decrease of 1.23 percentage points.

Advancement opportunity for active duty E6 Sailors this cycle increased to 19.20 percent from 17.46 percent last cycle, while E5 Sailors saw opportunity drop slightly to 25.06 percent this cycle compared to 26.51 percent last spring. Sailors advancing to E4 had opportunity dropped to 40.23 percent from 43.77 percent last cycle.

Opportunity for FTS E6 Sailors this cycle is 14.98 percent, a small drop compared to 15.65 percent last cycle. E5 Sailors' opportunity dropped slightly to 24.93 percent from 25.45 percent last cycle. E4 Sailors saw a small rise in opportunity at 52.55 percent this cycle, up from 51.6 last cycle.   The names of individuals selected for advancement, to include active duty, FTS, and Reserves, are expected to be released early next week.

BUPERS Online (BOL) is not expected to be available for viewing of results.

Commands may view results on the Navy Enlisted Advancement System (NEAS) website and Sailors may view their profile sheets on Navy Knowledge Online (NKO).   The names of selectees for active duty, FTS and Navy Reserve petty officers will also be posted on Follow @usnpeople on Twitter to learn when the names are posted online.

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