Navy to Participate in Veterans Week NYC


NEW YORK -- Several hundred U.S. Navy Sailors will participate in Veterans Week NYC 2013 from Nov. 6 - 12 in New York City to honor the service and sacrifice of all American veterans.

Sailors from local commands in Manhattan, the Bronx, Long Island and New Jersey will be joined by Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus, Rear Adm. Rick Snyder, Commander, Expeditionary Strike Group 2, and the captain and crew of USS New York (LPD 21), which will take part in many Veterans Week public events.

Veterans Week NYC 2013 and America's Parade are presented by the United War Veterans Council to honor the sacrifices and service of all veterans. America's Parade is the largest Veterans Day event in the NYC and has been held every year since 1919.   "It is important for us to remember the sacrifice of all our veterans. The impact they have had on our nation cannot be overstated," said Mabus. "For more than 238 years our Sailors and Marines have provided a global presence, defending America's interests far from home, as part of the finest expeditionary fighting force the world has ever known. This legacy was built upon the selfless sacrifices of our veterans, those who have willingly stood the watch, in harm's way, for decades."   "It is truly a privilege to be here in New York to take a moment to pause and pay tribute to our veterans," said Mabus. "But this also gives us the opportunity to say thank you to the city of New York, and to our communities around the country, for the tremendous support to our veterans, past and present, who are some of the finest men and women our country has to offer."  

Sailors will take part in a broad swath of activities including interaction with local students, cross-training with New York-based firefighters and police, attending Veterans Week remembrances and galas, and marching in America's Parade.

“It’s an honor to bring USS New York back to its namesake in celebration of our Veterans,” said Snyder. “Veterans have been a pivotal part of forging this great nation and it is fitting that today’s active duty Sailors and Marines have the opportunity to pay tribute, through not only their service, but also their personal thanks.”

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