Soldier Photographed Afghans Who Killed Him


Two Afghan police officers opened fire on two British soldiers only moments after one of the soldiers had taken their picture, an inquest heard.

Cpl. Brent McCarthy, 25, and Lt. Cpl. Davies, 27, both members of the Royal Air Force, were part of an eight-man British Army patrol when they died last year at a military base in Afghanistan where they had gone to meet local police officials.

Several photographs shown at the inquest in Oxfordshire Coroners Court depicted McCarthy posing with one of the suspects, who were dressed as police officers, first holding each other's weapons and another with them holding each other's weapons, The Daily Telegraph reported Monday.

Guardsman Joshua Foley said he had just left the soldiers to begin duty when "I heard a rapid burst of shots, and as I looked I saw the two Afghan police holding their weapons and Lieutenant Corporal Davies was lying back."

Foley said the two Afghans ran out of the base as he fired after them.

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