Marines Consider Change to Unisex Daly Covers


The Marine Corps is considering a uniform change that would mean one dress hat for both male and female Marines.

The service's uniform board sent out a survey recently to sergeants major across the Corps seeking feedback from active duty and Reserve Marines on uniform issues such as a proposal to "adopt universal, unisex dress and service caps -- either the current male frame cap with modifications or the Dan Daly cap, which had previously been identified as the replacement cap for the female 'bucket' cover," according to announcement on the Marine Corps website.

Changes to uniforms -- dress or duty -- are normally greeted with resistance no matter the service. The Internet is buzzing with critics saying the Dan Daly cover is 'too girly' or 'too French-looking' for Marines.

The Dan Daly design is named after Marine Sgt. Major Daniel Joseph Daly, a two-time Medal of Honor recipient for heroism during the 1900 Boxer Rebellion in China and then for his actions against Haitian insurgents in 1915.

Daly also received the Navy Cross for heroism during the Battle of Belleau Wood in World War I. During that battle, Daily is reported to have yelled the famous quote -- "Come on, you sons of bitches, do you want to live forever?" to the men in his company prior to charging German positions.

The proposed uniform change has created quite a stir. Interestingly, most of the criticism isn't coming from Marines who stand to be affected by the uniform change, but instead from conservative news organizations that blame President Obama for personally masterminding the initiative.

Notably, the report by the New York Post does not attribute a source connecting the president to the uniform regulation.

The Corps is also considering whether to authorize female Marines to wear "partial multiple braids, or microbraids, in uniform and a modification to the existing supplemental clothing allowance," according the Corps website.

Marines have until Oct. 25 to respond to the survey before the Marine Corps Uniform Board takes up the issue Oct. 29, according the service's website.

"Marines are asked to vote using the 'Individual Marine Voting Worksheet' provided electronically to designated command representatives," said Mary Boyt, Marine Corps Uniform Board representative at Marine Corps Systems Command. "Marines who did not receive a survey but would like to participate should contact their sergeants major before the deadline."

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