FY14 General Military Training Schedule Announced


 PENSACOLA, Fla. -- Topics for General Military Training (GMT) for Fiscal Year (FY) 14 were announced in NAVADMIN 264/13, Oct. 9. 

The announcement, usually released Oct. 1, was delayed due to the ongoing effort to streamline or eliminate administrative burdens on the fleet, allowing more time to focus on mission readiness. In support of this effort, known as Reducing Administrative Distractions (RAD), a revision of the GMT instruction is nearing completion. 

"Through RAD and other feedback, the Fleet has been pretty clear that they want us to give this a good hard look," said Vice Adm. Bill Moran, chief of naval personnel. "We need to find the right balance of required training and white space for our commanders."


While each of the GMT subjects are important, Moran said his staff's review of the instruction will ensure training requirements are validated, inefficiencies are eliminated, and improvements are made to overall program effectiveness. The intent of the GMT instruction revision is to provide clear communication of requirements and to establish an annual review process for each topic.


There are two categories of GMT topics that must be completed in FY 14. Category One topics must be conducted via face-to-face, instructor-led training sessions provided at the command level. Senior leadership, command training teams, or collateral duty training officers/chief petty officers will conduct Category One GMT. The FY 14 Category One GMT topics are: Alcohol Abuse Prevention and Control; Equal Opportunity and Grievance Procedures; Hazing Policy and Prevention; Personal Financial Management; Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Awareness; Sexual Harassment and Grievance Procedures; Stress Management; and Suicide Awareness and Prevention.


"These are the opportunities for leadership to engage and have frank and deliberate discussions about command-delivered training, ensuring Sailors understand their roles and responsibilities," said Capt. John Newcomer, Commanding Officer at the Center for Personal and Professional Development (CPPD).


The remaining required GMT topics are Category Two topics that can be completed via Navy e-Learning or through face-to-face, command-delivered training at the discretion of the unit commander. The Category Two GMT topics for FY 14 are: Anger Management; Antiterrorism/Force Protection; Combating Trafficking in Persons; Counterintelligence Awareness and Reporting; Domestic Violence Prevention and Reporting; Drug Abuse Prevention and Control; Fraternization Awareness and Prevention; Information Assurance; Operational Risk Management; Operational Security; Physical Readiness; Privacy and Personally Identifiable Information Awareness; Records Management; Sexual Health and Responsibility; and Tobacco Use Prevention and Cessation.


In order to allow sufficient time to complete the GMT program review, formulate program change proposals, and implement the approved changes, completion of Category Two GMT topics is waived for FY 14 except for the following topics which must be completed: Antiterrorism/Force Protection; Combating Trafficking in Persons; Counterintelligence Awareness and Reporting; Information Assurance; Operational Security; and Records Management.


Standardized training material for Category One and Category Two training is available for download from the Personal Development GMT page on the Navy Knowledge Online (NKO) webpage at www.nko.navy.mil. Training completion of Category One topics must be recorded in Fleet Training Management Planning System (FLTMPS) via learning event completion forms. Additionally, a GMT calendar for FY 14 is also available on the NKO GMT page, including recommended training delivery months to coincide with Navywide training themes. 

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