U.S. Says Gitmo Hunger Strike is Mostly Over


A mass hunger strike by detainees at the U.S. Navy Base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, is mostly over, a prison spokesman said Monday.

Lt. Col. Samuel House said the U.S. military will no longer issue daily hunger strike updates, The New York Times reported.

"Following July 10, 2013, the number of hunger strikers has dropped significantly, and we believe today's numbers represent those who wish to continue to strike," House was quoted as saying. "As always, our medical professionals will continue to monitor and evaluate the detainees while providing them with the appropriate level of care. From this point forward we will respond to queries on hunger strikes individually."

Seven detainees have been on a hunger strike for years but a larger movement that began in early March peaked about two months ago at 106 of 166 prisoners. The military said 19 of 164 prisoners currently on base were participating in the hunger strike as of Sept. 11.

Lawyers for detainees say the hunger strike was sparked by anger over guards flipping through the pages of their Korans during a shakedown in February. The military says their policy on Koran searches, in which Muslim linguists rather than uniformed guards conduct the search, is unchanged, the Times reported.

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