New Apprenticeship Trade Now Open for Sailors


VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. -- The Center for Security Forces (CENSECFOR) announced Aug. 9 that Criminal Investigator, the latest installment to its growing list of apprenticeship trades, is now open for enrollment by Sailors, Marines and Coast Guard personnel.   The United States Military Apprenticeship Program (USMAP) works closely with the Department of Labor (DoL) to provide nationally recognized apprenticeship programs that result in journeyman-level Certificates of Completion for servicemembers.

During their apprenticeship, servicemembers document their military duties while working in their rating or military occupational specialty.   "This new apprenticeship applies to personnel who are performing criminal investigator duties. Duties such as securing crime scenes and conducting crime scene analysis; collecting, analyzing, processing and storing evidence; responding to crimes; conducting interviews and interrogations; managing and utilizing confidential informants; testing suspected narcotics; submiting evidence for forensic tests; conducting surveillance and counter surveillance operations," said Jose Bautista, Master-at-Arms (MA) programs manager at CENSECFOR.   MA personnel must have completed the Police Officer I Apprenticeship Trade and hold Navy Enlisted Classification Code MA-2002 for Military Investigator. All applicants must provide a command letter stating they are properly assigned and performing investigative work to enroll in the Criminal Investigator apprenticeship.  

"Sailors who successfully complete the required 2,000 hours of documented experience will earn the distinction of being a criminal investigator. The level of experience covers eight select skill areas such as administration, safety, communications, legal procedures, investigative procedures, crime scene processing, evidence processing and report writing just to name a few," Bautista said.   Bautista also mentioned the next apprenticeship on the horizon for release is the Military Working Dog (MWD) Apprenticeship Trade. The MWD apprenticeship is currently pending DoL review/approval. The anticipated release date for this new apprenticeship is sometime this fall or next spring.   The forerunners to this new apprenticeship have held a high success rate since their debut. For example, the Armory Technician Apprenticeship has already achieved nearly 600 enrollments in just over six months from its release.   For more information or to enroll now, visit

The Center for Security Forces provides specialized training to more than 28,000 students each year and has 14 training locations across the U.S. and around the world.

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