Poll: Most Americans Say Stay Out of Syrian War


Two in three Americans prefer to stay out of the conflict in Syria, a poll indicated Thursday.

A month after President Obama said the United States would provide rebels with small arms and ammunition in their effort to remove Syrian President Bashar Assad, a Quinnipiac poll showed just 40 percent of respondents approved of Obama's foreign policy performance.

Obama announced the support June 13 after his administration said it determined Assad's forces had crossed a "red line" by using chemical weapons on the Syrian people. The U.N. High Commission for Human Rights that week said 93,000 Syrians had been killed in the Syrian civil war, which has entered its third year.

USA Today said Wednesday arms shipments had not yet reached the Syrian opposition.

One-third of respondents approved of Obama's handling of the situation in Syria, while nearly half disapproved. His overall job approval rating was 44 percent.

The poll was conducted June 28-July. No sample size or margin of error was reported.

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