USNA Will Charge 3 Football Players in Rape Case


Officials at the U.S. Naval Academy will charge three football players following the completion of an investigation after a female midshipman reported she was sexually assaulted by the three players in 2012.

The three players have not been named by the Naval Academy as the Navy has yet to complete the official charge sheet. However, the Naval Academy issued a statement Monday confirming that Superintendent Michael Miller has chosen to send the case to Article 32 proceedings.

Naval Academy spokesman Cmdr. John Schofield confirmed that all three football players will face an Article 32 hearing, which requires charges be issued against all three.

The female midshipman who reported the sexual assault attended a party at an off-campus property known as the "football house" in Annapolis in April 2012, according to a statement from her lawyer, Susan Burke. will not identify the midshipman as it is's policy to not name victims, or potential victims, of sexual assault.

The midshipman woke up at the football house the next morning "with little recall of what had occurred," according to the statement. She later found out through friends and social media that three football players had "sexual intercourse with her while she was incapacitated," according to the statement.

The female midshipman reported the incident to NCIS, saying she was intoxicated and didn't remember much from the night. NCIS started an investigation in April 2012 that continued throughout the summer and into the fall.

All three football players remain at the Naval Academy including a senior who was kept from graduating on May 24 with the rest of his class. The three football players were allowed to play football during the 2012 season.

The NCIS closed the investigation in November -- in the midst of the Navy football season -- and did not press charges. Burke was surprised the case was initially closed because she said investigators collected "substantial evidence, including an admission from one player and social media postings memorializing what had occurred.”

The female midshipman approached Burke in January and asked for her help. Burke recommended she speak to NCIS, which reopened the investigation in February. NCIS has since completed the investigation, which was reviewed by the superintendent.

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