Physician Returns to Army Service at Age 55


COLUMBUS, Ga. - Nearly two decades after he left the Army to pursue private medical practice, Dr. Clark Cobb is ready to get back in uniform.

“There are parts of it that I missed,” said Cobb, a Family Practice physician. “I miss the structure, discipline and camaraderie of uniformed service.”

Now, at age 55, Cobb recently commissioned as a lieutenant colonel in the Army Reserve. He will serve approximately one weekend each month and two weeks every year with the 1207th U.S. Army Hospital at Fort Benning.

Cobb began his medical career with an Army Health Professions Scholarship while he attended Texas A&M University Health Science Center College of Medicine. He served as an Army physician and deployed during Desert Storm before exploring the civilian side of medicine.

Although he has been practicing on the civilian side for the past 18 years, Cobb has never been too far from the Army. He made his home in Columbus and works as a civilian physician at Martin Army Community Hospital on Fort Benning. While some of his coworkers have called him crazy, Cobb said he wanted to return to military service while he had the opportunity. “I’m still physically able to do it,” Cobb said. “I don’t feel like I’m 55.”

Cobb acknowledged there is also a “cool” factor in serving now that his son is on active duty as an Army infantry lieutenant.

Columbus Healthcare Recruiter Sgt. 1st Class Brian Krietzer said the Army has many opportunities for physicians. “While our target age is generally under 42, the Army makes some exceptions for highly qualified medical professionals,” Krietzer said. “We are proud to welcome Dr. Cobb back into our ranks.”

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