Eligible Officers May Retire Up to Two Years Early


MILLINGTON, Tenn.  -- The Navy has extended a program that reduces the minimum years of commissioned service required for some active-duty officers to earn an officer retirement, according to a message released April 23.

According to NAVADMIN 109/13, the minimum years of active commissioned service (ACS) required for selected officers for retirement purposes has been temporarily reduced from 10 to eight years. This program mainly affects prior-enlisted officers who with their prior service and active commissioned service will complete at least 20 years of active service.   This temporary change has been extended for eligible officers retiring through Sept. 30, 2018, according to the message, and will help the Navy achieve its desired end-strength goals.   Officers applying for retirement under this authority may submit requests no more than 18 months in advance.   Waivers from years of required ACS will not be approved for officers:  * With pending permanent change of station orders;  * Identified to fill a global support assignment;  * Under a bonus entitlement (or special pay);  * Assigned to a department of defense (DOD) area and who have not met the DOD tour requirement (joint/overseas duty);  * Under a service obligation for an education program including graduate education, scholarship, fellowship, service college, tuition assistance or graduate education voucher;  * Under a training obligation.

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