StayFit! Promotes Family and Sailor Fitness


MILLINGTON, Tenn. -- Navy Fitness launched StayFit!, a fitness newsletter promoting fitness as fun for Sailors and their families, April 8.   The newsletter will be monthly and includes a monthly workout.   "We really wanted to get away from the focus of fitness only to support the physical readiness tests," said Lt. Cmdr. Austin Latour, an exercise physiologist with the Navy Physical Readiness Office. "Fitness, exercise, just biking with your family should be about fun and being active. If you are active and are watchful about what you eat, the fitness test will take care of itself."   "The workout will include a group of exercises that will focus on an area of fitness," continued Latour. "We'll have a link that explains the workout and then we've named each workout after an individual in the Navy who has shown perseverance or is historical, like a prisoner of war or leader in his or her community."

The newsletter also will highlight commands that exemplify taking fitness beyond the twice annual PRT and mandatory workout time.

"We want to highlight commands and leadership who show that spending time together building that sense of community in an active way makes them a stronger, better unit, beyond just meeting a requirement," continued Latour.

The newsletter will be available on the website under the "Physical Readiness" tab.

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