Application to Open for Sailors Seeking PCS Orders

MILLINGTON, Tenn. -- The Career Management System Interactive Detailing (CMS/ID) application phase is scheduled to begin April 11, and remain open until 5 a.m. April 23 for active-duty Sailors in their permanent change of station (PCS) orders negotiation window.   CMS/ID is the web-based program enlisted Sailors use to review and apply for PCS orders nine to seven months from their projected rotation date (PRD).

Sailors may access the site at or from the CMS/ID link at

This is the first application phase for Sailors with a January 2014 PRD, the second application phase for Sailors with a December 2013 PRD and the last application phase for Sailors with a November 2013 PRD.

If applicable, these Sailors with Fleet Ride-Perform to Serve approval may review advertised billets in CMS/ID during the application phase and apply for up to five jobs, either directly using CMS/ID or through a command career counselor (CCC).

The application phase is about 11 days, giving Sailors time to review available jobs, research billets and discuss options with their family and chain of command prior to submitting applications before the application phase closes.   Detailers fill all advertised active-duty billets each month using Sailors who are in their orders-negotiation window. Sailors can be more proactive in getting an assignment of their choice by using all five choices when applying.   CMS/ID features a "Sailor Preference" section under the "Sailor Info Tab" where Sailors may rank duty preferences by type, command, location, platform and community, as well as indicate which special programs and schools they would like and leave comments for the detailer.   Detailers will always attempt to fill billets using a Sailor's desired selections first. However, Fleet readiness requirements are the guiding factor in filling billets. Detailers must also follow sea-shore flow guidelines outlined in NAVADMIN 201/11, so unless a Sailor requests Sea Duty Incentive Pay (SDIP) or the Voluntary Sea Duty Program (VSDP) to take consecutive sea duty orders, a Sailor up for shore duty should not be involuntarily assigned another sea tour. It may mean a Sailor hoping for shore duty in Hawaii or Washington may receive shore duty someplace else, where the need is greater.   A single set of sea billets, prioritized by U.S. Fleet Forces Command, and a single set of shore billets, prioritized by U.S. Fleet Forces Command and Bureau of Naval Personnel are advertised each application cycle as the Navy seeks to fill gaps at sea and place Sailors with the right experience levels and skill sets into high-priority Fleet billets.   Some factors a detailer must weigh when matching Sailors to jobs include the Sailor's desires, qualifications, training availability, career progression and cost to the Navy.

Detailers won't assign Sailors to advertised jobs until after the close of the application phase, during the detailer selection phase. Sailors may log into CMS/ID anytime after the detailer selection phase to see if they have been selected for orders.

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