Navy Working Uniform Type I Update Announced


WASHINGTON -- NAVADMIN 084/13 released April 1 provides a summary on all Navy Working Uniform (NWU) Type I related guidance and announces the authorized wear of the aiguillette and the expanded wear of the 9-inch rough side out and 8-inch flight deck steel toed safety boots with the NWU Type I.

"We believe we owed our Sailors the best opportunity to be successful with regards to the uniform wear of the NWU and felt like if we captured all the information into a single NAVADMIN, that would be the right thing to do," said Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy (AW/NAC) Mike Stevens. "Providing this clarity and education is very important to me."   Since the roll-out of the NWU Type I in December 2008, Fleet input has resulted in the revised policy and rules of wear. NAVADMIN 084/13 discusses in detail the description, uniform components, standards of appearance, occasions for wear, and proper care instructions.

The NAVADMIN, at commanding officer's discretion, expands the authorized footwear to be worn with NWU Type I to include a black 9-inch leather (smooth) steel-toed boot, a black 9-inch rough side out leather steel toed boot and a black 8-inch aviation flight deck steel toed boot.

Also at the commanding officer's discretion, aiguillettes can be worn with the NWU Type I shirt and parka by personnel assigned to billets in which aiguillettes are a prescribed uniform item. Personnel should be aware that puncturing the outer shell of the parka will compromise the manufacturer's water proof guarantee and void the lifetime warranty. Parkas that are punctured or torn will have to be repaired or replaced at the owner's expense.

In addition to NAVADMIN 084/13, the Navy released a training video that demonstrates how to properly wear NWU Type I components. The video can be found at

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