Army Sergeant’s Baby Born in Car Outside Daycare

A Texas couple who decided to run errands before going to the hospital for the birth of their daughter said the infant "had other plans."

Army Sgt. Mike Evans and his wife, Tamika, said the mother began having contractions at 4:35 a.m. Wednesday, and they decided to drop off their son at Fort Bliss' U.S. Army Child Youth and School Services for daycare before heading to the hospital when the contractions got closer together around 7 a.m., the El Paso (Texas) Times reported Thursday.

"But I forgot his medicine, and so I went to the pharmacy to get some over-the-counter medication, then went back to drop off my son," Mike Evans said.

Evans said he went inside the daycare center with the boy and emerged with his son five minutes later -- the daycare was too full to admit the boy -- and discovered his daughter was being born.

"I was just screaming and holding onto the seat belt and pushing at the same time," Tamika Evans said. "And she ended up coming. I didn't want her head to get squashed so I propped my legs on the dashboard and pushed."

The baby girl was born and taken care of with help from a female soldier, a day care assistant director and a construction worker with towels in his truck until emergency medical services arrived.

The infant, dubbed April Suzanne Evans, was born at 6 pounds, 8.2 ounces and was said to be doing well.

"Saying that it was an exciting morning is an understatement," Mike Evans said. "She was supposed to be born in April. She obviously had other plans."

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