Army Releases Report on Crash that Injured Five

A Fort Carson sergeant told investigators he was "goofing around" before the armored Humvee he was driving rolled in November, according to an Army report.

Five soldiers with the 4th Squadron, 10th Cavalry Regiment of the 3rd Brigade Combat Team were injured in the Nov. 7 crash, two of them seriously, according to an Army report obtained through the Freedom of Information Act.

The sergeant was driving at about 40 mph -- twice the speed limit -- while allegedly swerving the M1151 armored Humvee three times to coax another soldier awake, the report's author, a first lieutenant, wrote.

Shortly before the crash, two witnesses had remarked that the sergeant was "driving like a maniac" on the way to a training exercise and had "Bailey's in his coffee," the report said.

As the Humvee rolled, the soldier who had appeared to fall asleep -- a private stationed in the gunner's turret -- was thrown from the vehicle, the report said. The investigating officer found he was not properly fastened into his seat.

The sergeant and two passengers suffered minor injuries.

Two others in the vehicle suffered serious injuries. One private suffered fractured ribs, a pelvic fracture, bleeding in the brain and a lacerated liver, the report said. Another private suffered numerous broken bones, including spine fractures and eleven fractured ribs.

The sergeant originally told investigators he "swerved to miss a fox." Later, he admitted to "goofing around", but denied trying to wake a passenger.

He said the crash happened when he began drifting from the roadway while looking back at another soldier -- causing him to over-correct, the report said.

Investigators said evidence suggests the sergeant had intentionally swerved.

The investigation is still ongoing, said Maj. Earl Brown, a post spokesman. The commander has yet to decide what action, if any, to take against the sergeant.

One of the seriously injured privates has returned to duty with the 3rd Brigade, while the other seriously injured private was assigned to a Warrior Transition Unit at Fort Campbell, he said.

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