Navy Offers Housing Early Application Tool


WASHINGTON -- Navy Housing offers the Housing Early Application Tool (HEAT), an online tool for servicemembers and their families to get housing information and start the application process.

Servicemembers can use HEAT and begin gathering information with or without orders in-hand.

The first of its kind for servicemembers and available Navy-wide, HEAT connects customers with multiple Navy Housing Service Centers (HSCs) so they can review all of their housing options at any potential duty stations before accepting orders. HEAT can also start the housing application process for those interested in military family housing (privatized, government, and leased).

"Servicemembers want to make smart decisions when negotiating their orders, and we recognize that housing cost, types and availability are key to that decision-making process," said Michael Bowlin, Navy Housing Services program analyst. "HEAT enables them to research their housing options and make the best choices for both their careers and their family."

Even family members can use HEAT, as it is accessible from any computer.  

Navy Housing released a short, informational video about HEAT that can be found on the Navy Housing HEAT website. Servicemembers and their families can visit the website to begin their housing search online and to contact their next HSC at

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