Cadet Sentenced to 8 Months in Jail in Sex Case


An Air Force Academy cadet was sentenced on Friday to eight months in jail and dismissal from the Air Force after a panel of officers returned a mixed verdict in his sexual misconduct case.

Anthony Daniels Jr., a junior at the academy, was found guilty of attempted sodomy after an Air Force Academy Preparatory School student said he tried to force her to have oral sex while the two met to do homework in 2009.

But the Air Force officers hearing the case cleared Daniels of a forcible sodomy charge and of a aggravated sexual contact charge regarding another incident two years later.

Instead, the panel found him guilty of wrongful sexual contact -- a lesser charge. Prosecutors alleged that Daniels fondled a female cadet while forcing her to perform oral sex.

Daniels' case was among six sexual misconduct and assault cases to result in charges at the academy since January 2012. One other case led to a conviction, while two others were dismissed following evidence hearings.

The final two cases are still winding their way through the military justice system.

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