March is Navy Nutrition Month


MILLINGTON, Tenn. -- March is designated as Navy Nutrition Month in conjunction with National Nutrition Month and the 21st Century Sailor and Marine initiative, according to NAVADMIN 051/13 released Feb. 28.

"The goal is to increase awareness and transform food environments Navy-wide to facilitate and maintain better food and beverage options," said Lt. Cmdr. Jennifer Wallinger, registered dietitian, Navy Nutrition, Navy Physical Readiness Program. 

Navy Nutrition officials seek to begin meaningful conversations about our food, how our choices impact us and the role we all play in changing the food environment. Improved nutrition is a key element to resiliency and Navy readiness will be improved by shifting the availability of foods within our commands. 

Transforming the Navy food environment to increase access to healthful food choices that are tasty and satisfying, while simultaneously decreasing access to highly-processed, unhealthy foods is the most promising strategy to improve individual eating habits. 

Leadership can increase awareness by promoting the healthy choice as the easy choice at events, including command-sponsored picnics, department functions, food sales and even meetings. 

Commands are encouraged to use this opportunity to increase awareness of healthful eating and nutrition programs. Some of the recommended activities include: interactive workshops, training events, health fairs and healthy cooking competitions. 

Downloadable nutrition month materials are available on the Navy Nutrition Program Web Page at

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