German Sailors Accused of Mutiny

Mutiny charges have been leveled against a group of German sailors for tying a superior officer to a table and writing racial slurs on his legs, officials said.

The incident took place on Feb. 15, 2013 while the German Naval warship the Hermelin was docked in Beirut harbor, The reported Wednesday.

The group is accused of dragging its superior officer, a German-born man of Thai descent, out of his bunk late at night while he was clad only in his underwear.

They taped him to a table before writing "this is where mongs live" on his legs, the newspaper said.

A spokesman for Control Command said it did not appear alcohol played a role in the attack.

At least four sailors believed to be involved in the incident were sent back to Germany to face disciplinary action.

The victim of the attack has remained on board the ship

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