Sudan Denies Army Buildup on Border

KHARTOUM -- The Sudanese army on Tuesday denied South Sudan's accusations that it is mobilizing troops on the joint border.

"We have not mobilized any troops on the border. We have not sent a single soldier there. These are baseless accusations. I think South Sudan is seeking to create a crisis from nothing," Al- Sawarmy Khalid Saad, Sudanese army spokesman, told Xinhua.

"Why should we mobilize forces on the border?" Saad said, "We are not in a state of war with the south and we do not see any reason for mobilizing forces on the border."

The remarks came with a new wave of exchange of accusations, which indicate an increasing tension between the two sides.

South Sudan's Deputy Minister of Defense Majak D'Agoot was reported Tuesday to have said that the last two months have seen an unusual buildup of forces along the common border between Sudan and South Sudan.

He added that South Sudan's forces are in the state of maximum readiness to repel any attack by Sudan, adding that they would keep up to the agreements signed by the two countries.

On Sept. 27, 2012, Sudan and South Sudan signed a package of agreements on various issues during a presidential summit in the capital of Ethiopia. Witnessed by members of the African Union High- Level Implementation Panel on Sudan (AUHIP), the two sides inked three deals on cooperation, security and post-secession matters.

However, the signed agreements did not tackle the issues of Abyei and border demarcation.

Although months have elapsed since the signing of the agreements, the two sides have not implemented them on the ground.

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