Sailor Uses Skype to Share Reenlistment


GROTON, Conn. -- A Naval Submarine Support Facility Sailor wanted to remember his reenlistment in a unique way by inviting his Nevada-based parents to participate in his ceremony via Skype.

Machinist's Mate 2nd Class (SS) David Waldren's parents, Michael and Ann Waldren, live in Carson City, Nevada and were unable to fly out to witness firsthand their son's reenlistment ceremony Feb. 3 in Groton.

"The idea to include my parents started with my wife," said Waldren. "She knew how important my parents are to me and our family, and because I have spent the majority of my career on either the East Coast or underway, this is our way of involving them to thank them for their continued support after all of these years."

Waldren, who was named junior Sailor of the Year for NSSF, reenlisted exactly to the date he entered the Navy 10 years ago. When he joined the Navy, Waldren continued the family tradition of serving one's country. His father had served in the U.S. Navy during the Vietnam War.

"I wanted to find a way to include my parents so they could experience this moment with me and my family," said Waldren. "This social media tool seemed the best way to connect us and share this moment."

Ann emphasized the importance of being a part of her son's ceremony despite the many miles between them.

"I just think that any chance to see my kid 3,000 miles away 'in person' and to talk to him and watch him is fantastic," said Ann. "He has chosen a path for his life and is making positive choices to support his family and serve his country is wonderful."

Lt. Ricardo Lopez, NSSF weapons officer will perform the reenlistment ceremony at the Submarine Force Library and Museum.

"This type of technology is a wonderful way for Waldren's family to come together to celebrate his reenlistment," said Lopez. 

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