Marines To Wear Service Uniforms Every Friday


MARINE CORPS SUPPORT FACILITY NEW ORLEANS -- Beginning Jan. 4, 2013, all non-deployed Marines and sailors assigned to Marine units, regardless of component, active or Reserve, will be required to wear the appropriate seasonal service uniform each Friday.

“Unlike the utility uniform, the service uniforms are form fitting, and this characteristic provides leaders with an opportunity to frequently evaluate the personal appearance of their Marines without inducing a work stoppage,” said Sgt. Maj. Michael E. Sprague, senior enlisted advisor for Force Headquarters Group, Marine Forces Reserve.

The service B uniform, otherwise known as “bravos,” consists of a long-sleeve khaki shirt with a tie and trousers and is worn November through March.  The service C uniform, popularly referred to as “charlies,” consists of a short-sleeve khaki shirt with trousers and is worn during daylight savings time. 

“Watching Marines square their gig line away and adjust their uniform is indicative of the ‘spit and polish’ pride we seem to have strayed from,” said Sprague.

Marines are not just known for their battlefield prowess, but for their high standards of professionalism and sharp personal appearance. 

According to Marine Corps Order P1020.34G, all Marines, including Reservists, are required to maintain their uniforms in a neat and serviceable condition and “by their appearance, set an example of neatness and strict conformity” with uniform regulations.  This means that Marines must not only abide by the proper wear of the uniform, but also pay attention to their personal and physical appearance and must fully comply with the service’s grooming and weight control standards.

Commanders may make case-by-case exceptions to the wearing of service uniforms on Fridays based on operational requirements, but for the most part, the rule is service uniform Fridays.

Marines should direct questions to their unit leaders for further clarification on how their units will implement the new policy.

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