Bill The Goat Stolen, Found in Arlington

Bill the Goat

Keep an eye on your goats, Navy fans.

Bill the Goat, one the Naval Academy's live mascots, was stolen over the weekend. Police found Bill unharmed Saturday morning, tied to a post on Army Navy Boulevard in Arlington, Va.

Anne Arundel County Police notified Maryland Sunrise Farm, where Bill pens with his brother Bill in Gambrills, that the goat was found on Saturday morning.

John Jordan, who manages the farm, said he immediately went to Animal Control in Arlington and was relieved to find Bill in "fine" health.

There are no suspects in the goatnapping -- but something tells us it could be related to the Army-Navy football game.

In November 2007, Army conducted "Operation Good Shepherd," and stole three of Navy's goats. The affair was recorded and posted on YouTube.

The goats were returned within a week, and Army never took -- or denied -- responsibility for the goat-napping.

"Bill the Goat has been a part of our 10-game winning streak against Army, so we are glad to have him back before the big game next week," said Colleen Roy, a Naval Academy spokeswoman.

A life-sized stuffed goat named Fearless was taken at the Oct. 20 Navy-Indiana game. Its fate remains unclear.

The only break in the case came earlier this month when police released a photo of a possible suspect.

Since then, the trail has gone cold. Fearless' owner and a class of '61 Naval Academy alumnus, Ron Carlberg, is offering $500 for Fearless' return.

"I just want the goat back," Carlberg said last week. "I just miss him, like I'd miss my favorite dog."

At least, the real Bill the Goat has been returned.

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