Tyndall F-22s Back in the Air After Grounding

F-22 Raptor

TYNDALL AIR FORCE BASE, Fla.-- That roar heard over Bay County on Monday was the F-22 Raptor resuming flights.

Col. David Graff, commander of the 325th Fighter Wing, resumed F-22 flights four days after an F-22 Raptor crashed on Tyndall Air Force Base property, last Thursday.

Graff reportedly flew one of the first F-22 Raptor missions Monday morning at approximately 7:45 a.m. A total of 14 F-22 aircraft completed training missions on Monday, officials wrote in a news release.

"I have complete confidence in the F-22 and its reliability. We will continue to accomplish our mission while the Safety Investigation Board searches for the cause of last week's accident," Graff said.

Immediately following the crash, an interim safety investigation board was established with local members, tasked with securing the scene and preserving all evidence. The official SIB composed of specially trained members from different military installations arrived this weekend and has taken charge of the investigation.

Safety Investigation Board results are never released to the public, but are conducted to prevent future mishaps. Safety investigations of weapons systems such as aircraft, missiles and space platforms also assess possible force-wide implications on the combat readiness of these systems.

An Accident Investigation Board will convene following the SIB. The purpose of this board is to provide a report which can be released to the public. This report includes the facts and circumstances surrounding the accident and a statement of opinion on the cause or causes of the accident.

A complete investigation into the incident may take months.

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