Afghans: Foreign Spies at Root of Insider Attacks


KABUL, Afghanistan - The Afghan government is blaming the onslaught of attacks by Afghan police and soldiers against international forces on "infiltration by foreign spy agencies."

Presidential spokesman Aimal Faizi told reporters Wednesday that intelligence services, including those in neighboring countries, are playing a part in most insider attacks. He didn't name them.

In the past, intelligence agencies in Iran and the Pakistan have been accused of enabling Afghan insurgents to destabilize the country.

Faizi said Afghan security officials pledged Wednesday to tighten the vetting process for army and police recruits to help prevent attacks.

He said President Hamid Karzai was meeting Wednesday with NATO commander Gen. John Allen to discuss the issue.

According to NATO, there have been 32 insider attacks against coalition forces so far this year, resulting in 40 deaths.

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