U.S., Spanish Marines Wrap Up Training Exercise


ROTA, Spain  — U.S. and Spanish Marines assigned to Naval Station Rota, Spain concluded a combined 10-day training exercise, August 20.

Marines from Fleet Anti-Terrorism Security Team (FAST) Company Europe and Spanish Marines from Tercio del Sur, Brigada de Infanteria de Marina began their training at Naval Station Souda Bay, Greece, where they trained the bases naval security force on anti-terrorism operations.

We work close with the Spanish Marines, said FAST Company Europe (FASTEUR) Commanding Officer Maj. Gary Cobb. The integration process couldnt be better. It was an honor and privilege to go to Souda Bay and train a group of Navy Master-at-Arms.

During the last day of training the allied forces practiced repelling via helicopter to capture a U.S. facility that had been taken over by a group of simulated terrorists and conducted medical evacuation drills aboard NAVSTA Rota. The team only had four hours to prepare for this portion of the exercise.

"U.S. and Spanish Marines are a team of highly trained professionals," said Cobb. Their (the Spanish) knowledge and training is just as good as ours and the success of exercises like this demonstrates that."

The Marines from both countries exchanged training tactics and enjoyed some laughs during the 10-day exercise.

"Anytime we can close quarter battle is good for my Marines," said Cpl. Payton Weaver, 2nd Squad Leader, FASTEUR. "To get a chance to learn from our Spanish counterparts is an amazing opportunity. We got a chance to do some training and have a little fun."

"The Spanish are our host, so anytime we can train with their military forces, we do," said Cobb. "Their Marines are just as capable as our U.S Marines, so we both benefit from this. Our partnership is stronger than ever and we look forward to conducting future exercises with them."

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