Theodore Roosevelt XO Films Web Reality Show


NEWPORT NEWS, Va.-- USS Theodore Roosevelt's (CVN 71) executive officer (XO) stars in the production of a new web series called "XO's Dirtiest Jobs," which began July 17 where he showcases the dirtiest jobs his Sailors are performing to rebuild their aircraft carrier during the ship's midlife overhaul.

Cmdr. Mark Colombo began this project working with TR's overhead team, deck team, Aircraft Intermediate Maintenance Division, and most recently TR's mess team. The episodes are now airing on TR's Facebook page.

"These Sailors give every ounce of energy they have every day for a job they don't often receive any sort of recognition for," said Colombo. "This show is not only a way for these Sailors to see how much I appreciate their efforts, but it also shows the public how much our Sailors are willing to push themselves to get this ship back out to the fleet and protecting our country."

The highlighted jobs are integral parts to the Big Stick's continuation of its recent milestone of beginning Crew Move Aboard, a process allowing Sailors to work and sleep onboard the ship. TR also celebrated "crew eat aboard," its first meal served onboard since entering the shipyard September 2009.

"The hard work of our Sailors has allowed us to move along expediently in this process," said Colombo. "I can even enjoy delicious meals from our ship's Food Service Administration (FSA) onboard the ship now."

The show highlighted the FSA in the most recent episode while Colombo learned the difficulties of feeding three meals to approximately 2,000 Sailors each day, a number that will only increase the closer the ship comes to exiting the shipyard. During the episode, the XO served food, cleaned tables, worked in the scullery, and cleaned trays in the deep sink.

"Let's just say the XO isn't very good at cleaning," said Airman Angela Green, who worked with him on TR's aft mess decks. "I think the show is a great idea though. It gives the XO a taste of what everyone does and shows that he really cares about our junior Sailors."

Colombo plans to film and release one to two episodes of the web show per month.

"It was really cool that the XO took time out of his schedule to work next to us," said Fire Controlman 3rd Class Steve Amrhein. "I think we should switch the roles though and we should get a chance to do his job."

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