ISAF Arrests a Taliban Leader in Helmand


Afghan and coalition forces arrested a Taliban leader who allegedly planned and directed several attacks in Helmand province, military officials said.

The arrest was made Wednesday but not announced until Friday. It came during a series of operations Afghan and International Security Assistance Force soldiers have conducted the past several days, Khaama Press reported.

The Taliban leader was reported to have planned and directed attacks throughout the Nad Ali district and provided insurgents with improvised explosive devices, heavy weapons and ammunition.

He was trying to get more explosives at the time of his arrest, the ISAF said.

A Taliban weapons smuggler was also arrested Wednesday in the same district in a separate operation.

On Friday, the ISAF said several people were detained in the Shwak district in an operation to arrest a Haqqani leader believed to be responsible for attacks on Afghan and coalition forces.

The names of those arrested and detained were not released.

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