Training Exercise Presents Real-Life Scenarios

CAMP LEJEUNE, N.C.  — More than 350 servicemembers with Combat Logistics Battalion 8, 2nd Marine Logistics Group participated in a field training exercise, from July 30 to Aug. 3.

During the week-long event, troops conducted convoys around the base and endured simulated firefights, improvised explosive devices and medical evacuations, which added realism to each operation.

“The main purpose here is to simulate resupply convoy missions,” explained Capt. Luke A. Sauber, the commanding officer for Headquarters Company, CLB-8. “That way when the rubber meets the road, and I mean that literally, we are ready to operate as a unit.”

The training site located on Onslow Beach consisted of a battalion aid station, a combat operations center, an armory and a food service facility. The site resembled a forward operating base in Afghanistan and simulated conditions troops will face once they deploy in the near future. The participants replicated resupply convoys, so they could have the chance to see how one works.

“Our job here is to start integrating and learning how to work together, so that way when we arrive to Afghanistan, we can hit the ground running,” Sauber added.

The Marines and sailors of the battalion are compiled of active and reserve troops that will soon stand up as Combat Logistics Regiment 2. As a regiment, they will deploy in support of International Security Assistance Force operations.

Sgt. Christopher Witt, a combat engineer with the battalion, explained how the realism in this exercise will help the troops adapt quickly to the way everything works during their deployment.

“The biggest thing here is the endless amount of scenarios that could happen during a mission,” Witt said. “With this type of training, Marines and sailors know what to do immediately. [It] becomes second nature, and once they actually face a challenge in country they will know what to do.”

The battalion has completed their initial pre-deployment training at Battle Skills Training School, and some additional courses such as a machine gunner’s course and helicopter support missions.

The battalion is paving the road to a successful Afghan deployment through intensive training. The next challenge for the troops will be Enhanced Mojave Viper held in aboard Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center Twenty Nine Palms, Calif.

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